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How to distinguish the model of ballpoint pen refill?

Ballpoint pens are writing tools that are often used in our lives. It is no exaggeration to say that ballpoint pens have almost replaced pencils, pens and other pens, and there are many types of ballpoint pens, except for the more common roll-on ink refills. , There are medium oil pens, gel pens, etc. Although the ink and refill are different, they are all ballpoint pens in a wide range. How to distinguish the type of ballpoint refill? It is a very professional question for many people, especially For students, it is necessary to master some knowledge of student supplies in order to be able to further understand.

Ballpoint pen refills are divided into A1, A2, B type, D, E, F type, G1 type, G2 type and so on. Models of ballpoint pen refills are included. The specifications of the refill mainly include bullet-shaped and needle-shaped refills, which are mainly related to the shape of the ballpoint pen. If it is a conventional ballpoint pen, it is basically a bullet-shaped refill. If it is a special-shaped ballpoint pen refill, there are various specifications.

The type of ballpoint refill can also be distinguished by the composition of the ink in the refill and the nib. The more common ones are the ballpoint pen, which is mainly used for signatures. Water-soluble pens are also more convenient to use. Relatively speaking, ordinary ballpoint pens are much better.

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