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Why do we see all kinds of pens?

The survey report shows that the stationery market has broad prospects, which is a fact that is obvious to all, but brand stationery with high product quality and innovative design can obtain higher added value. The survey report shows that 72.5% of consumers choose stationery as the reference factor not only the main function of the product, but also more interested in other auxiliary functions.
For example, the best-selling various special-shaped pens are representative of them. The person in charge of the Shanghai Golden Crown Golden Pen Marketing Department said: "There are many types of special-shaped pens on the market, and their functions are becoming more and more diverse, and their creativity is becoming more and more incredible. Pens, gear pens... just hearing these names makes me feel new. Today's pens are not just simple pens, but more like toys and even works of art. Apart from students, adults are also very interested in these new things. Like, another important sales channel for these special-shaped pens is the gifts and premiums of enterprises and institutions."
In today's Internet age, the traditional four treasures of the study are being replaced by keyboards and mice, but pens are still an important work tool in the hearts of many business people, and they have also become an indispensable accessory for those who are truly proficient in the art of life. Some top-level commemorative pens, integrating the latest technology, exquisite handicrafts, precious raw materials, designed by famous teachers, relying on commemorative social themes, are very collectible and ornamental.

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