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What is the management integration of the stationery industry?

At present, most domestic office stationery enterprises have not performed outstandingly in internal management. This is because some enterprises did not have strict requirements in the introduction, development and management of professional and high-quality talents due to their low starting point in the early stage of their business. However, with the gradual maturity of the consumer market, the pressure of industry competition has increased, and the living space of enterprises has been gradually compressed.
Especially in today's homogeneous product and marketing, enterprises must calm down and start from the comprehensive quality management of internal management personnel to carry out an overall management integration strategy of development, education and progress.

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1. Establish an active talent management mechanism, introduce high-quality marketing management talents and strategic reserve management talents; recruit management talents with rich marketing experience from the society;
Recruit fresh graduates based on certain marketing theoretical knowledge from colleges and universities; Implement the "strategic reserve management" mechanism for the fresh graduates;
Carry out strategic training and development based on learning, practice, assessment, etc.;
2. Establish a competitive job management incentive mechanism; (graded) sales commission; New customer development award; Sales competition month activity; Best salesman selection activity; Best branch manager selection activity; Outstanding contribution award;
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