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What are the precautions for using ballpoint pens

What are the precautions for using ballpoint pens?

Angle too small
The closing part of the ball seat that is easy to wear (the ball seat material is nickel-platinum copper or stainless steel, which is much easier to wear than the ball), if the object is written for a long time, even if the object is paper, the ball seat cannot withstand abrasion This will cause the ball to fall off.

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Right angle
When writing with a ballpoint pen, it is most ideal to control the angle between 55° and 70°. At this time, only the ball is in contact with the paper (the ball is very hard, tungsten carbide or ceramic, and it is not easy to wear). Do not touch the writing material, so as to ensure that the ballpoint pen prolongs its service life under good writing conditions.

The pad is too thick
When writing, the pad paper is too thick, and the tip of the pen touches the paper, which is easy to wear and fall off. Suggestions: 0.4 balls can not be copied; 0.5 balls can be copied at most 1, not more; 0.7 balls Copy 3 to 4 sheets at most, not more. It is better to write at 75° when copying.

The function of dyes is to give the ink sufficient color depth. The dyes used in ballpoint pen inks can be divided into oil-soluble dyes and alcohol-soluble dyes. The dyes used in this test are phthalocyanine dyes. The dye is insoluble in solvents, has good dispersibility in the ink, and has strong adhesion to the film-forming agent, so that it does not penetrate the inside of the paper, and the color should be bright in color and good in weather resistance.

A proper amount of dispersant can reduce the adhesion between the ink and the surface of the paper, so that the ink is erasable for a certain period of time when the ink is written on the surface of the paper. The dispersant can also maintain the writing flow of the ink. Profitability and long-term stability. The material used in this experiment is a mixture of phthalate esters and glycol esters in a certain ratio.

Film forming agent
The film-forming agent is an important part of the erasable ballpoint pen ink. Its function is to form a uniform film on the surface of the paper and act as a carrier for the dye. Require it to have a certain degree of paper performance Adhesion, not easy to peel off, but can be gently wiped off with an eraser, has strong adhesion to the colorant, has good solubility in solvents, and is mutually stable with other ingredients, and can be stored for a long time. Book Rubber film-forming agents are used in the experiment.

In the erasable ballpoint pen ink, the role of the solvent is to dissolve dyes, film-forming agents and to dissolve with various additives, provide a certain degree of fluidity, but also have the right volatility, in The drying speed can be effectively controlled during the writing process. Experiments show that the use of co-solvent is better than single solvent. This experiment uses a co-solvent system of solvent A: solvent B=1: 1.5~2.5. Its effect is best.

Other additives
(1) Lubricants and corrosion inhibitors In the ink components, fatty acids are usually used as lubricants. The lubricants are also co-solvents. The functions of the lubricants include: A, lubricate the balls and provide fluent writing; B, prevent the ink from drying , Make the ball-point pen have a stable and good initial performance; C. Increase the depth of dye dissolution and improve the color of the dye. The introduction of fatty acids is corrosive to some nib metals (such as copper alloys) , So that a non-homogeneous crystalline substance is produced in the ink to block the channel, thus shortening the service life of the ballpoint pen. The method of using fatty acids and supplemented by corrosion inhibitors can solve the corrosion problem. At the same time meet the lubrication requirements. The corrosion inhibitor used in the experiment is dissolved in fatty acid in a saturated state, which can achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.
(2) Antioxidant, anti-desiccant Another reason for the formation of condensed blockages and crystal crowns in ballpoint pen inks is the oxidation of brass and the interface, and the production of copper and zinc compounds in the solution. Contained in antioxidants Substances that can absorb and absorb surrounding oxygen, so it can effectively prevent oxidation. The combined use of antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors can more effectively prevent or inhibit the corrosion of copper alloys. Experiments show that we use The antioxidant effect is good. In the experiment, we also used an anti-desiccant, whose main function is to prevent the oxidative drying of the ink surface or ink marks, so that the ink and ink marks have a better visual effect. At the same time, it can extend its service life and retention period, and can also improve the performance of the ballpoint pen during application. The anti-desiccant is also an antioxidant.
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