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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ballpoint pens?

Ballpoint pens are the favorite of some elementary school students and writing workers, because ballpoint pens write clearly, can change the refill, and are more durable. But ballpoint pens also have many shortcomings. The most prominent is the ink of the ballpoint pen, which easily stains clothes. How to remove the ballpoint pen marks on clothes? Many people are particularly troubled. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of ballpoint pens?

The advantages of ballpoint pens:

1. Stable writing
The pigment of ballpoint pen ink is dye. There are three main ink colors: blue, red, and black, of which blue ink is used the most. In the past, the pigment components in blue ink were salt-based royal blue and salt-based green lotus, and the solvents were oxidized castor oil and ricinoleic acid. Because the basic dyes are not light fast (light fastness is only level 1-2), are not heat resistant, and are not resistant to acids and alkalis, they have poor durability and have been eliminated. All the inks used in the market are brand new inks, and the handwritings written with it have better durability.

2. Long service life
Compared with fountain pens or gel pens, ballpoint pens have a much longer lifespan. Because the viscosity of ballpoint pen ink is relatively high, when writing, the handwriting is clear and the ink consumption is little. If the writing paper is wet, the pen and neutral pen handwriting will easily become blurred. However, the ballpoint pen itself can still be seen very clearly, which is also a major advantage of ink viscosity!

3. The price is cheap and easy to carry.
Ballpoint pens are generally the two core components, a pen holder and a refill. The pen holder is generally made of plastic, so the production cost of the ballpoint pen is low, and the price will be relatively cheap. Like a good fountain pen, the price may be tens or hundreds of yuan, and the barrel of the fountain pen is generally made of metal, which is a little heavier.

Disadvantages of ballpoint pens:
The thickness of the ink is uneven, and it is difficult to wash it when applied to clothes. If you buy a ballpoint pen of inferior quality, the ink will have a very unpleasant smell, which is very harmful to elementary school students. There is also elementary school students who are in the calligraphy stage. They must know more about student supplies. If you use a ballpoint pen to write, you cannot meet the requirements of horizontal and vertical. Therefore, it is easy to fail to meet the standards of calligraphy, and the written characters are very special. Ugly.
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