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How to wash off the watercolour pen on clothes?

How to wash off the watercolour pen on clothes?

1. First, pour the alcohol on the scratches of the fountain pen on the clothes. Each scratch should be evenly covered with alcohol, and the alcohol should be medical alcohol with a concentration of not less than 75%.
2. Put the side of the clothes on which the alcohol is poured up, and try not to touch the other sides of the clothes, otherwise the imprint color of the pen or ballpoint pen may stain other parts of the clothes. Use an ordinary washbasin, prepare most of the basin of water, and then pour the bleaching water full of two bottle caps into the clean water, pay attention to it must be full of two bottle caps.
3. Stir it along with it, and then add a little mysterious laundry detergent. You can master this amount by yourself. After that, stir a little so that the washing powder can be fully dissolved in the water. Well, now soak the clothes completely in water for twenty minutes. It's time to wash the clothes, and there's not a single mark left!
4. If there are traces of ballpoint pen and the traces are heavy, if there are still traces after using the above method, finally use toothpaste and soap to gently rub, and then rinse with water. (But it is strictly forbidden to boil blisters!)
5. There is another solution: don't rush the clothes into the water, but first wash the stained part with gasoline before washing.

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