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How to integrate stationery products?

Establish a product elimination innovation mechanism. Consider introducing an elimination mechanism for products with declining sales, fading functions, and outdated styles that are no longer competitive. Continue to strengthen competitive competitive products and superior products, and further expand market share through these superior products. In addition, while consolidating and developing the market share of existing products, new products should be gradually developed. Classify and combine all products according to sales volume and profit margin;

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Divide all products into high-end and low-end according to function, quality and price; design corresponding sales strategies according to the classification and combination and characteristics of high-end and low-end division;
It can be considered to extend professional office stationery products to teaching stationery, student stationery, etc., and give full play to the brand promotion product distribution role of using its existing market network and sales channels.

Increase foreign well-known and practical office stationery, teaching stationery, and student stationery agency brands; Strengthen product design innovation capabilities, and develop a series of self-owned brand student stationery products;
Under the constraints of its own production conditions, the designed and developed products will be operated in the OEM scheme;
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