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How to carry out the management integration of the stationery industry?

Establish a quality training management mechanism for middle and senior managers and salesmen;
Employ professors from well-known colleges and universities as guest lecturers, and regularly or irregularly hold marketing management course training for middle and senior managers; Education and training in corporate culture and other aspects, and regular professional business knowledge assessment;
Through quality education, create and strengthen a unique corporate marketing management culture, comprehensively improve the professional quality of managers and front-line business personnel, and lead the enterprise to the track of healthy and standardized development;

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Establish a corporate brand image management mechanism; Develop a correct and pragmatic brand positioning strategy;
Use healthy and novel brand promotion methods to make it inevitable for market consumption to be brand-oriented; when a single brand has matured, it should adapt to the simultaneous development of single-brand management and multi-brand management;
Set and increase the brand added value of office stationery. And high-quality after-sales service as the maintenance and extension of the corporate brand, while promoting the brand's market penetration.
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