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How is the gel pen produced, and how is the steel ball on the nib made?

The steel ball production of the gel pen is a patented process. The steel wire is punched and cut or the steel wire is directly fed, and then directly extruded by a special extruder, or cut into small particles. When cutting or extruding, it is not a usable sphere, and it needs to be rolled at a high speed in the machine. At this time, the cut fine materials rub against each other at a high speed, and need to be sprayed to cool down and lubricate to keep the sphere uniform and equal. After being rolled at a high speed, it is formed into a usable small spherical shape. At present, the production of tiny balls is based on the water mist or aerosol method: the molten molten steel is sprayed at a high place, so that the stainless steel microbeads are naturally cooled in the air during the process of free fall. During this process, spraying water mist into the air at the same time will increase the cooling rate of the stainless steel microbeads.

4 Color Ball Pen SG5141

Extended information:

Gel tip type:
1. Bullet type
During the manufacturing process, we cut a raw bar into a complete pen tip by metal cutting. The bullet type is suitable for making thicker nibs. Most of them are 0.5MM on the market, and the thickest can reach 1.2.

2. Needle tube type
The key difference from bullet-type nibs is that they are processed by non-cutting methods. Before being processed into a pen head, it is a complete thin tube. Three concave points are made at the front end of the thin tube from 3 directions by a precision instrument to form a bowl seat for the ball; while the rear thin tube forms a triangular oil groove. The ink flows out through the oil tank, and then the ink is drawn out through the rolling of the balls to complete the writing process.

3 half needles
The half needle tube is between the bullet and the needle tube, and the appearance is more beautiful. The tip of the pen tip can be as thin as a needle, and the tip of the pen tip is the same size as the tip of the bullet. The semi-needle tube type can make relatively thin nibs, such as 0.48, 0.35 and so on.
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