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Do you know what are the classifications of ballpoint pens?

There are many varieties and styles of ballpoint pens, and in terms of quality, there are different grades such as high, medium and low, but in terms of categories, they can be divided into oil-based ballpoint pens, water-based ballpoint pens, neutral ballpoint pens, etc.

1. Water-based ballpoint pen:
Also known as a ball-point pen or a roller-ball pen. Ball-point pens whose barrels and covers are made of plastic injection molding are called all-plastic ball-point pens; those whose barrels and covers are made of stainless steel are called semi-steel ball-point pens; those whose barrels and covers are made of stainless steel are called all-steel ball-point pens. The full plastic type is basically one-time use, that is, it is scrapped when the ink is used up; the semi-steel type and the full-steel type mostly use a replaceable refill type structure. The nib of the ball-point pen is divided into two types: cannonball type and needle tube type, which are respectively made of copper alloy, stainless steel or engineering plastic. The balls are mostly made of stainless steel, cemented carbide or alumina. The diameter of the ball with medium handwriting is 0.7 mm, and the diameter of ball with fine handwriting is 0.5 mm. There are two types of water storage: fiber bundle water storage and no fiber bundle water storage. The colors of ink are red, blue, black, green and so on. The ball-point pen has the characteristics of both a fountain pen and an oil-based ball-point pen, with smooth and smooth writing and uniform lines. It is an ideal writing tool. In addition to the above classification, there are also common classifications by the color of the ink and the structure of the pen.

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2. Oil-based ballpoint pen:
In the case of not finding misunderstanding and confusion, it can be referred to as a ballpoint pen.The pen head balls used are mostly made of stainless steel or hard alloy materials. The size of the diameter of the balldetermines the thickness of the writing line. Common ball diameters are 1 mm, 0.7 mm, and 0.5 mm (it is often indicated on the pen body or ballpoint refill of the product). Ballpoint pen ink is specially made, mainly mixedwith colorant, solvent and viscosity modifier. Common colors are blue, black, and red. Ordinary inks are mostly used for general writing, and special inks are mostly used for file writing. The ink used for file writing isgenerally marked with a mark on the refill. For example, the domestic refill is marked with the word DA.The oil-based ballpoint pen is the first generation of the ballpoint pen series. It has been more than 60 years since itwas put on the market in batches. After long-term improvement, the oil-based ballpoint pen has mature production technology, stable product performance, long shelf life and stable writing performance. It has now become atraditional product variety in ballpoint pen products. The ink used in oily ballpoint pens has high viscosity, so the writing feel is relatively heavy .

3. Neutral ballpoint pen:
Neutral pen, short for neutral ink ballpoint pen, originated in Japan and is a novel writing tool that is currently popular in the world. According to the type of pen tip, ink color, structure, etc., it can be divided intodifferent types of gel pens. You can choose according to your own needs.Gel pens have the advantages of both water pens and oil-based ballpoint pens, with comfortable writing feel, low ink viscosity, and the addition ofsubstances that are easy to lubricate. The viscosity of the writing medium is between water-based and oil-based, so it is smoother than ordinary oil-based ballpoint pens. It is an upgraded product of oil-based ballpointpens. The nib size of the gel pen is roughly divided into two types: 1.0mm and 0.5mm.
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