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Do you know what a ballpoint pen tip does?

The production of ballpoint pen tips has high requirements on the precision of processing and the selection of materials. There are not only small "balls" on the pen tip, but also five grooves to guide the ink, and the machining accuracy must reach the order of one thousandth of a millimeter.

Every small deviation will affect the writing fluency and service life of the pen tip. The thickness of the opening of the pen tip is less than 0.1 mm, and the writing angle and pressure must also be considered. , the machining error cannot exceed 0.003 mm.

The pigments in ballpoint pen inks are dyes. Ink colors are mainly blue, red and black, among which blue ink is the most used. In the past, the pigment components in blue ink were salt-based royal blue and salt-based blue lotus, and the solvent was oxidized castor oil and ricinoleic acid. Currently on the market "424" blue ballpoint pen and "322" black ballpoint pen, the handwriting durability is good.
The reason why the ball-point pen is oily: When the ball-point pen is writing, part of the ink is transferred from the ball to the writing material, and the ball turns white after the ball is transferred, and the other part of the ink will be brought back to the ball seat with the rotation of the ball.

Yellow Red Highlighter SGH2919A

A good pen tip will bring the ink back to the tee more thoroughly with the rotation of the ball, and the ink will be less stained on the outside of the tee and it will be cleaner. With a poor pen tip, most of the ink will stick to the outside of the tee head and cannot be brought back into the tee, which is what we call the phenomenon of oil spitting. When writing, it is easy to contaminate the writing.

The ballpoint pen needs to be fluent, and the ink will be more, but the negative effect is that it will drop a lot of ink. These two situations are contradictory to each other. How to comprehensively consider them to achieve the best effect is a topic that has been studied by the ballpoint pen manufacturing industry.

An industrial product, even as small as a ballpoint pen, has to go through a rigorous industrial process from design to production, to inspection and iteration. Only by investing in the spirit of craftsmanship for excellence can good results be achieved.
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