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Do you know the transparent egg shape highlighter?

If you are looking for a new highlighter, you may have come across the Transparent Egg Shape Highlighter. It's a very cool highlighter that is transparent, making it ideal for highlighting a certain object or area of the paper. This type of highlighter comes with an ink cartridge that contains yellow ink, and is easy to use. However, there are some precautions you should take when using this type of highlighter.

First, you will need a blacklight. It should give off a bright neon green color when shining on the egg. Make sure the blacklight is six to twelve inches away from the egg. When it is lit, the egg will glow like a fluorescent green light bulb! This is a fun way to bring science into your life and to make learning fun! Secondly, you'll need a fluorescent yellow ink.

Transparent Egg Shape Highlighter
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