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Do you know the principle of the ballpoint pen?

A small ballpoint pen consists of a dozen parts. The working principle of ballpoint pen writing: It mainly uses the ballpoint to directly contact the paper surface to generate friction when writing, so that the ballpoint rolls in the ball seat, and uses gravity to bring out the ink or ink in the refill, so that the ballpoint pen ink or ink seeps down. To the tip of the pen, the graphic text is formed by rolling the balls of the pen tip.
The subsequent ink or ink is constantly replenished under the action of atmospheric pressure to achieve the purpose of writing. Most of the early ballpoint refills had a small hole drilled near the tail to allow air to circulate.
The diameter of the ballpoint pen ball determines the thickness of the writing line.
Common ball diameters are 1 mm, 0.7 mm, and 0.5 mm (it is often indicated on the pen body or ballpoint refill of the product). Ballpoint pen ink is specially made, mainly mixed with colorant, solvent and viscosity modifier. Common colors are blue, black, and red. Ordinary inks are mostly used for general writing, and special inks are mostly used for file writing.
The ballpoint pen may seem simple, but under 3D deconstruction you will find that it is a small engineering marvel

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