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Do you know the main ingredients of highlighter?

Highlighters are in high demand in recent years. Highlighters have fluorescers that fluoresce when exposed to UV light, emitting a white light that makes the color look harsh and fluorescent.
The fluorescence of the highlighter must be in the presence of ultraviolet rays to fluoresce. You can see this very clearly as long as the handwriting of the highlighter is close to the mosquito lamp and the Ningbo Highlighter Factory Money Detector.
The principle of fluorescent ink is to add visible fluorescent (complex) compounds with ultraviolet excitation to the ink. Through the absorbed light energy, the energy level transition of the atom is generated, and the absorbed additional energy is released. Fluorescent pigments are organic complexes, which are ground and refined, and have high luminous efficiency. They are usually colorless or light white. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light (200nm ~ 400nm), they show various colors of visible light (400nm ~ 800nm). According to the wavelength of the excitation light source, it can be divided into short-wave ultraviolet-excited fluorescent pigments (excitation wavelength of 254 nm) and long-wave ultraviolet-excited pigments.
What is added to the highlighter is some fluorescent agent. Some fluorescent substances are toxic and have potential carcinogenic components, which are harmful to human body for long-term use. In order to reduce costs, some small workshops will use toxic fluorescent agents as raw materials for highlighters. In addition, the Cixi Highlighter Factory contains a large amount of fluorescent agent in the highlighter, and long-term use will also seriously affect the child's eyesight.

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