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Do you know the function of watercolor pen and how to maintain it?

Colored water pens can be expressed with lines. For example, to draw a landscape, first use a pencil to lightly draw the outline of the tree, and also draw the intersection line between the earth and the sky, and then fill the tree with light green horizontal lines. , not too dense, to be sparse, or it will not reflect its beauty when painting other colors. Be careful not to use paint, then paint dark green, start from the bottom, slowly from dense to thin, then dark purple, also from dense to thin, and then use yellow to paint some on the tops of trees, grass and sky They are all drawn using these methods, which are drawn with colored water brushes represented by lines. This type of painting does not look good when viewed from a distance, and only when viewed from a distance can one feel the real feeling.
There is also the same as sketching, for example, an object, you have already drawn the object with a color pen, and also drew its three-dimensional effect, then use a darker color on the back left of the object, Or a layer of lines on the rear left, depending on which side you think the sun shines from.
Colored water pens can draw a lot of good works. To make the color ink effect painting better, you need to use professional watercolor paper:
Watercolor paper is a type of paper specially used for painting watercolors. Its characteristics are that the water absorption is higher than that of ordinary paper, the pounds are thicker, and the fibers on the paper surface are stronger, and it is not easy to break and pill due to repeated application.
There are quite a variety of watercolor paper, the cheap ones have poor water absorption, and the expensive ones can keep the color for a long time. In terms of fibers, watercolor paper has two basic fibers: cotton and hemp. In terms of surface, there are rough, thin and smooth surfaces. According to the manufacturing point, it is divided into handmade paper (the most expensive) and machine-made paper.
If you want to draw detailed subjects, thick hemp paper is generally used. This watercolor paper is also often used for precision watercolor illustrations. In addition, if you want to express the theme of dripping and flowing, when you want to use the overlapping method in the watercolor technique, cotton paper is generally used, because cotton absorbs water quickly and dries quickly. The only disadvantage is that it will fade over time.

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1. To maintain the oil brush, you need to wash it with turpentine or pen wash after use, then wash the grease with soap again, then dry it, and wrap the pen tip with newspaper or toilet paper. It's ok to put it in a cool and ventilated place!
2. Children's colored water pens, that is to pay attention to the cover.
3. If it is hairy, wash it with soap and dry it, and wrap the tip of the pen with newspaper or toilet paper. It's ok to put it in a cool and ventilated place!
It is the same process whether it is sheep or wolf, but it is best for sheep to keep gentle movements while washing the pen
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