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Do you know the difference between gel pens, signature pens and ballpoint pens?

The college entrance examination pen has rigid requirements for color. Candidates must use black, 0.5mm signature pen, oil pen, ballpoint pen, and other color pens are absolutely not allowed! Some candidates are accustomed to using pens. The editor here does not recommend that students use pens during the college entrance examination. The ink in the pen is uncontrolled. There is only one college entrance examination answer sheet. Once the ink is smudged, it is difficult to deal with it, so try to use a signature pen. !

4 Color Ball Pen SG5140

1. Gel pen

The gel pen is the same as the signature pen on many occasions. People regard the gel pen as the signature pen, but in fact, strictly speaking, the signature pen refers to the ball-point pen, which is different from theball-point pen, because its ink is Oil-based, fountain pens are water-based. In addition, the writing of the ballpoint pen is slippery, so that you can quickly write ligatures, and the water pen has some friction when writing, so that you can better control the tip of the pen, and you can write more beautifully. Compared with the fountain pen, the Hong Kong dollar needs to be filled with ink, and the amount of ink written is sometimes difficult to grasp, so the water pen appeared, which is an improvement of the fountain pen.

2. Signature pen

A signature pen refers to a pen specially used for signing or signing samples, including water-based signature pens and oil-based signature pens. In the past, fountain pens were used, but now fountain pens are gradually replaced by gel pens. Therefore, such pens are collectively referred to as: signature pens. Water-based signature pens are generally used on paper, and can be easily wiped off if used on whiteboards or samples; oil-based signature pens are generally used for sample signatures or other permanent marks. Oil-based signature pens are difficult to wipe off, but alcohol can be used. etc. cleaning.

3. Ballpoint pen

According to the industry standard of "Ballpoint Pen Names and Terms", all writing instruments that use balls to roll out the writing medium to form handwriting are collectively referred to as ballpoint pens. In recent years, ballpoint pen products have developed rapidly. From traditional oil-based ballpoint pens to neutral ballpoint pens, water-based ballpoint pens, medium oil ballpoint pens, erasable ballpoint pens and so on. If the writing medium is oily, it is a traditional oil-based ballpoint pen. If the writing medium is water-based, it is usually a water-based ballpoint pen. The viscosity of the writing medium is between oily and water-based, which is called a neutral ballpoint pen, that is, a neutral pen. The writing deadline Pens whose viscosity is between oily and neutral are called medium oil pens, and those whose writing medium can be erased are called erasable ballpoint pens. Gel pens, water-based pens, erasable ballpoint pens, medium oil pens, etc. belong to the ballpoint pen category.
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