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Do you know how to integrate stationery channels?

Channel integration is an important issue that is the most critical, urgent, and urgent for office stationery production and distribution companies. Industry distribution channels are long and narrow, and product delivery is slow. The most important thing is that this ladder-type channel structure seriously leads to a decline in the gross profit margin of products, which is not conducive to the large-scale, rapid and long-term development of enterprises. Therefore, office stationery companies first solve the problem of channel integration. Channel integration can start with the following strategies:
1. Due to the inevitable failure of wholesale business, the distribution capacity of first-tier dealers should be gradually weakened, and the traditional top-down sales method should be transformed into a flat channel structure. That is, by strengthening the market management functions of each branch, gradually support and cultivate the distributor distribution capabilities of the second- and third-tier markets. It works by:
The market structure originally used "province" as a distribution unit to "region" as a distribution unit;
The original training of one or two dealers in each province has changed to one or two dealers in each region; the establishment of chambers of commerce will strengthen the penetration and distribution capabilities of regional dealer networks and prevent the occurrence of counterfeiting;
2. Strengthen the distribution function of retail terminals. By supporting distributors in the second- and third-tier markets, cultivate retail terminal image distribution outlets in various regions, so as to finally achieve the goal of seizing the terminal and winning;
Strengthen retail terminal team management and professional quality training; Establish a professional office stationery image store distribution network; Establish an image store operation management system; Highlight the counter marketing model;
Strengthen the management of terminal distribution and display;
3. Highlight and strengthen the management mode of key retail customers, and intensively cultivate and maintain the market. Set up a key retail customer management service department to promote cooperation with key retail customers with professional management methods and management policies. Key retail customers are (only for hypermarkets and supermarkets): Wal-Mart Carrefour Haoyoutuo Metro China Resources Wanjia Xinyijia Pusmart Century Lianhua RT-Mart Auchan Shanghai Hualian Beijing Hualian
4. Establish the direct sales management department of the headquarters, directly participate in the procurement bidding projects of governments, enterprises and institutions in various regions of the country, and expand the distribution network and market share of the company's products;

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